Monday, March 21, 2011

Listography - What I want to be when I grow up.

This week the wonderful Manana Mama has come up with a fabulous topic for Listography and will be hosting it over at her site (work a look just for her adorable banner pic). She's already grabbed a few good ones (tightrope walker anyone?) so you better jump in quick.

And as I told her already - I have dibs on Rock Star so don't even think about it. I'll be checking in regularly so don't think for a minute that you'll get away with it...

Happy dreaming!


  1. uh-uh... Seeing as I have actual experience in having been a rockstar back at uni, I say my dib overrides yours ;-)

  2. Damn it Alma. Can't you let me have my moment??!
    (Although I would like to hear the story behind that sometime...New blog post maybe?)

  3. Compromise: I'll put mine a number at 5 and you put yours at number 1? ;-)

  4. Hi I found my way here via Twitter - we were actually having this conversation last night - Spy please, rain mac, night vision goggles the lot x

  5. I'll do backing vocals :)

    Thanks again Kate - it's not every day that I have an excuse to blab on about tightrope walking!

  6. When I was very young, I told my mum I wanted to be a giraffe when I grow up! Ok so I have a long neck but a giraffe? Poor kid!

  7. I think you are a rock star!!! I wouldn't like the leather pants, personally. Think they'd get kind of sweaty. x


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