Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did someone mention Grand Slam?

I know a few days have passed since it happened, and most of you had a chance to lick your wounds and get over it. But I'm sorry - I've just seen this ad and had to make sure you all got to see it too.

This is the official Nike advertisement that was all ready to be beamed across the world on Saturday night:


I believe it's been fixed now though:

Did I mention that my husband is English?

Terribly sorry Darling.


  1. I love the remake video - me am Welsh and was so urging my team on to win on Saturday

    Ah well


  2. As I Scot married to a Norn Irish man it was a fairly chirpy household.

  3. ha ha brilliant. I support Wales so was a bit gutted on Saturday though!

  4. Hi, I hope you don't mind but I have awarded your blog the Leibster Award (see
    Thanks, Col@HelloOlive


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