Monday, March 28, 2011

Clean Living

Today was a momentous day in our household. Today was the day that we got a cleaner.

I know, I know. When you've stopped throwing eggs and hissing I'll try to explain myself.

Well, firstly, I've never hidden the fact that I'M NOT A VERY GOOD HOUSEKEEPER (that actually wasn't meant to be in capitols but now that it is I think I'll leave it - it deserves a good shout out). My husband has far higher standards of cleanliness and far better methods than I do. It's just a pity that as 'The Breadwinner' he no longer sees fit to stoop to hoovering floors or washing clothes. Even on the weekend. Even in the holidays. Even when the clothes are his. Aaaanyway - as you can image this has lead to one or two heated debates Chez Kate.

Secondly, I've already told you about my Fancy Aspirations. So really, it was only a matter of time before I fired that other lot. 

Also, there's the small issue of my beloved blog which of course was supposed to be for me to play around with when I was taking the occasional 'five' from, well, the housework. Somehow that five turned from minutes to hours and the house slowly fell apart. I have no idea when or how this happened but I've written a clear warning to you all in my Beginners Guide to Blogging.

Finally, life is just too damn short and cleaning is just too damn boring \ never-ending \ thankless \ depressing a task to keep doing day after day for the rest of my mothering years.

So, in case you've been thinking about it yourself - here's the recap:-
Reason No. 1 : Bad Housekeeper = Many arguments.
Reason No. 2 : Fancy Aspirations - Wouldn't it nice to have time to be a little bit fancier sometimes?
Reason No. 3: Time for, ahem, 'Hobbies' (Could even be linked to reason no. 2 if you're in the mood and someone needs convincing?)
Reason No. 4: No death by boredom.

Now I know it's only week 1 but I have a strong suspicion that now I've experienced some good clean living there can be no going back.

She better turn up next week or I can see tantrums brewing.


  1. You sooo lucky. I would love a cleaner. Any chance you could send that other lot over to mine as my two won't comply?

  2. No need to feel apologetic - you enjoy your cleaner!! When I worked I had one (4 hours a month - but better than nothing) and it is the best thing EVER.

    I'm happy for you. Jealous, but happy too.
    Enjoy! x

  3. Kate,

    I don't think I have ever been more jealous in my entire life.

    Please make sure to write a 'how my life has changed miraculously since i hired a cleaner' blog post so I can show it my to other half in an attempt for him to 'allow' me the 'luxury' of a cleaner.

    Oh how the other half (which now includes you) live. ;o)

  4. I have a cleaner - I have to admit. I work part time, help on The Farm and do all the other stuff that needs doing with a couple of kids hanging around.

    I have decided that paying someone to clean once a week saves me from going completely insane. (Or at least saves me from cleaning the bathroom at ten o'clock at night)

  5. I think 20 quid is definitely worth the price of your sanity. No guilt whatsoever!

  6. Well, sorry to go one better, but I have an army of cleaners called Helping Hands. They come in a van a gang of 5 or 6 and spend an hour once a month or so, that is around 5 hrs or more of my time given back to me. I feel I deserve it, like so many women, have a good husband but cleaning toilets and mopping floors etc. mmmmm not very often. Now I work either 4 or 5 days a week (depending on the demand) have a princess of a daughter who dosn't think she should be asked to do anything (I'm working on that one...tricky) have two dogs that need at least an hour out each day, prepare teaching sessions at home in my own time (no time at work) have a very responsible job that is also very demanding,have a reasonably large garden (which we share) and an allotment which produces most of our veg for many months(which we also share). So I don't feel guilty at all, I feel I am super woman anyway, after all I keep it all up to scratch in the other 3 wks or so, and every body is happy :)

  7. Oh, my darling Kate, you've tasted the good stuff and now your palate is that much more refined. Well done. There is no shame in knowing that you aren't good at everything and somethings are better left to professionals. I'm so proud. I'm actually tearing up a bit. x

  8. Zena - I'm impressed.
    Fancy - I blame you entirely.

  9. Oh forgot, just completed a degree level module too and passed with 68%, perhaps I should up the Helping Hands to twice per month?

  10. Don't tell anyone but I too suck at housekeeping. OH has mild OCD which unfortunately can't be indulged when he works EVERY BLOODY HOUR GOD SENDS (not that I resent it. Oh no.) We both agree that the best money we ever spend is on our cleaner once a week. She folds my knickers Kate. That's how amazing she is. She stays extra time because she likes to play with my children. Even when I stop working we fully intend on keeping her on in the interests of marital (or co-habitational) harmony. In fact maybe my OH might be better marrying her.

  11. Hmm now I have 'your cleaner's better than mine' envy. This is dangerous.

  12. I don't bloody blame you, Kate. Glad to see I'm not the only Sluttish excuse for a housekeeper round these parts (slut used in the original sense of the word, that is, and not in a way that implies loose *ahem* morals).

    I need to get fancy too. x

  13. Am I the only one here who thinks cleaning is therapeutic!? I don't know what it is, but I feel more relaxed after I've cleared clutter, vacuumed, or just wiped surfaces. If I find any crumbs on the kitchen counter after a sandwich has been made, I go ape as I don't understand how HARD it can be to wipe it!

    I HATE mess and the superfreak in me actually cleans AFTER the cleaner has left as I don't think anyone can do a better job than me.

    Uhm, you missed a spot in that tiny little corner there...

  14. Yes Alma you are a superfreak!

  15. Alma I'm with you girl.I check every room when they are gone and often pick up on tiny things. Not that I have a problem of course, just checking I get what I have paid for : )


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