Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Mummy's Movie Meme

The lovely Metal Mummy has just kicked off the first of her weekly Movie Meme's and is a little concerned that no one will join in. As if! Apart from the fact that she is much loved in Blogland, we all know that Movies are a great uniter so I think she'll be pleasently surprised with the number of entries she gets. Good.

The theme for the week is 21st Century Movies and two immediately popped into my head. One is a Japanese film that I can't remember the name of (but it's great honestly), and the other is my official choice for the Meme: Pan's Labyrinth.
Pan's Labyrinth Poster

I already know Metal Mummy loves this film - in fact I defy anyone not to be blown away by it. It is awesome. Set in Facist Spain in 1944 it quickly descends into crazy fantasy world with characters like this:


Weird huh?

But even if you're not into fantasy stuff or subtitles (ahem, did i mention it was subtitled?)  you should still give it a chance. A case in point is my little sister whose usual movie choices are more akin to Anchorman. When she followed my recommendation and got this out I got a text from her within 2 minutes of it starting. 'If I wanted to read I would have gone to the fucking Library' she wrote. Charming, I know. However she saw it through and was totally won over. (Phew).

I'm so confident about this film choice I'm going to offer you a money back guarantee* so off you go - no excuses.

Don't forget to pop over to Metal Mummy and see what everyone else is recommending. And don't forget to join in too.

(*Not really. That would be ridiculous. You're a grown up for God's sake. Now go on - off with you).


  1. Yay! Excellent choice!

    And I agree with the whole subtitle thing - I quite like subtitled films, but James isn't a big fan.

    He watched this anyway though and loved it.

    It's amazing. Guillermo del Toro at his best.

    Thanks for joining in :D xx

  2. This is a totally superb film...infact so superb I almost picked it :) I love it and is a much watched member of my DVD family.

    Some of the best films out there are subtitled.

  3. My cheap ass husband keeps illegally downloading movies that have subtitles in random languages like tagalog or mandarin. Trust me, that's distracting.

  4. It is amazing isn't it. I have a huge pull to watch it again, one of my and the hubstes's favorite.

  5. LOVE this film. I was watching it when I went into labour with 3yo.

  6. Great great choice - love it! x

  7. Excellent choice! I LOVED this film, it was a feast for the eyes, if a little spooky. Off to think of my choice now...:D

  8. Yes yes yes yes yes! LOVE it x


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