Friday, February 4, 2011

Listography Winner!

So the votes are in (actually it's just one vote - mine) and the decision has been made. The winner of this weeks 'Most Annoying Kids TV Shows' Listography is.......'Mother Porridge', who made me chuckle so hard I woke the baby. Ms. Porridge wins for herself a fabulous 'Future Listography' book which you can see here. If you want one for yourself then you can buy one from the site, or enter next weeks competition when I'll have another one up for grabs.

There were some great entries (and a hell of a lot of hate) this week. Some programmes were named again and again so I felt the need to compile 'The Most Annoying of the Most Annoying Kids TV Shows' list (told you I had a problem).

Here it is:

5. In the Night Garden \ Barney
A two way tie. Now who could choose....?

4. Dora
As MumstheWord says in her post: "If I could meet Dora in real life, I would have just one question for her: “WHY ARE YOU FUCKING SHOUTING?!”. You can read more of it here.

3. Mighty Mites
Poor old Sarah Jayne took a bit of a battering on Twitter this week (a twattering?). MetalMummy explains why here.

2. Big Cook Little Cook
These would have to be my number one - but I'm not into vote fixing so I will let them off. Kerry on Living agrees.

1. Teletubbies
Well you're not surprised are you?
You can take your pick of posts from the ones listed on the linky. Chances are they'll be on it.

Congrats again to Mother Porridge who can email me her details to receive her prize.


  1. haha. twattering. i like that.

    Well done Mother Porridge :D x

  2. Yay! Congratulations Mother Porridge!

  3. I didn't get my act together this week, but I'm enjoying everyone else's.

    I will just say that Mighty Mites drives me bonkers with all that "Can you feel the energy?" "I can feel the energy!" A simple "No" would be better.

  4. Congrats to Mother Porridge, she makes me laugh too :)


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