Sunday, February 20, 2011

Listography - Perfect Day

It's been a very uneventful week. The highlight was on Monday morning when I got a call from the school to pick up The Girl who wasn't feeling well. It was all down hill from there.

By Wednesday my family and I had been replaced by five zombies who walked around the house in dressing gowns nodding or growling at each other as they passed. Trying to illicet sympathy was a waste of non-existent energy. Even daring to mutter that your head still hurt resulted in lip curling and desperate cries of 'my back', 'no, my ear' ' what about my tummy?'. If you were lucky you might have a pack of Solpadine dropped in your lap; if you were unlucky it might be vomit.

A digital thermometer, NOT a pregnancy test

Even the two year old knew that it was hopeless. He spent most of the week lying on the sofa more akin to a beached seal pup than the tantrum throwing dictator that we all know he is.

We didn't leave the house for five long days and when we did came back whimpering and huddled together on the sofa in a state of shivering shock.

So having been housebound for the week and without an immediate end in sight I have been given to daydreaming. This weeks Kate Take's 5 Listography is '5 Ingredients to My Perfect Day'. You can take away my freedom but you can't take away my daydreams damn it!

1. A no-kids lie in.
I imagine we'll be seeing a few of these appearing on your lists this week. Is there anything less appreciated pre-kids than a lie-in in a peaceful house? Well, apart from not peeing when you sneeze of course.

2. A swim in the sea.
I love swimming and I love the sea. I don't actually care which sea as long as the day is sunny. I grew up living five minutes walk from the Irish sea and still do. It is utterly freezing even in the summer but once you go numb it really isn't that bad.

3. Brunch with the papers.
Oh the joy. Papers spread across the table as I sip my coffee. No stopping fights. No mopping up spilt juice. No shoving biscuits in the toddlers mouth so he doesn't scream the place down. Just me, and peace, and my coffee.

4. An afternoon of pampering.
Facial, back massage, hair cut and anything else they care to through in. I don't mean anything dodgy by that.

5. Dinner in a Posh Restaurant.
Posh but not too posh. Italian. Me, the hubby, a big group of friends, fabulous food, great wine and another lie-in the morning after.

I realise that two of my five revolve around food, and none around kids. I do love them of course, just maybe not as much as some fresh pasta and a bottle of barolo...

Keep pouring....

To join in just write your list for a perfect day on your own blog and then come back and add your post's details to the linky below.


  1. Oh I LOVE this LIST - I cant wait to do mine now - does it have to be just 5 cos I think I could do 15 right now - without even any thought - anyways your list sounds pretty perfect xx

  2. OK, that week sounds like hell. We just got over flus (one for each person, luck us). With high fevers chest infections, tummy name it. I hate it when everyone gets sick, but sounds like you've got more people in your house to look after than I do, which must be tough.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day to me! I'm off to write my list too . . .

  4. I've done mine quickly, some of it achievable, some not! We can dream can't we?

  5. Brunch with the paper sounds so damn good! I forgot that was something that was possible. Good list!
    So sorry to hear you were all sick. I can tell you that I feel ya on that one!

  6. Wouldn't a tiara be on that list? Very nicely done, my friend!

  7. Just linked up my top 5. Think I maybe have some sort of wishful thinking disease.....

  8. Loving your list. That would be a perfect day for me too x Such a perfect day!

  9. Hope you're all feeling brighter soon. And your day sounds good to me too...

    Mine would be possible if I magicked up a babysitter and owned a mode of transport that could travel supersonic to get me from place to place...

  10. I really enjoyed reading this and writing my own! Although, I must admit, it took me well over an hour to write mine because it seems my perfect day would have unlimited hours! Oops!
    Chopped it all down to something I'm very happy with and is achieveable! :-O

  11. Hey, just done it for the first time, not sure I was very adventurous with my choices but on not much sleep that's the best I could do! xx

  12. Just linked up.

    I really hope everyone is starting to feel better in your house now Kate. Nothing worse than the whole family sick at once.

    Take care.

  13. Great idea this week Kate! Added my perfect day on... I can but dream :D

  14. Before I read any of this I was sure you were about to announce you're pregnant. That thermometer sure knows how to pretend its a preg test!

  15. I don't know if this list has made me feel more cheerful or more depressed. I definitely think we could be list buddies though, what a damn fine list you have.

  16. A great list idea, Kate! Just what I needed.

    Thanks so much for hosting.

    SSG xxx

  17. Just linked up!

    Pampering, a lie in and some posh food? My idea of a perfect day too!


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