Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fancy Aspirations

Have you met I'm So Fancy yet? No? Well she's a rich asshole with a personality disorder whereby she sometimes thinks she's Cinderella. That's Cinderella the Princess - you can bet your beluga she never slips into the pre-Prince Cinderella of mopping floors and cleaning windows. That's what her staff are for.

Anyway, Fancy pants that she is she's decided to run a competition to help a nobody realise their own dream of Fancyness. The winner needs to show that at heart she is Fancy too - even if the goods to back up the deluded belief are missing. There's even a plastic tiara at stake for God's sake.

And I think I'm in with a chance.

You see, I AM Fancy - it's just that the world hasn't realised it yet. I have been working on my Fancy dream for quite some time now and have even employed a team of workers to help me realise it.

So far there's the Cook.

The Maid.

The Roman Slave to fan my weary self.

And the Butler.

But frankly they're just not up to parr. I'd fire them in an instant if I had my Fancy way. For some reason they just don't seem to have the right level of respect for me.

But I do think a tiara might help. Don't you?
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