Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ode to Brian Cowen

There once was a Leader called Brian,
Who said things were great but was lyin’
"Sure there’s no housing bust
What’s all the fuss?
Just you keep buyin’ and buyin’."

Well the Bankers kept calling on Brian
And rounds of golf they were plyin’
"There’s a small little debt
That we need to offset
But sure after that we’ll be flyin"

So poor Ireland was sold down the drain
By those bastards who all lacked a brain
Or maybe they thought
They wouldn’t get caught
Riding their fat gravy train.

But now Brian’s in serious trouble
He’d huffed and puffed at that bubble
And then went it burst
He got him a thirst
And asked for his whiskey in double

So now the whole country hates Brian
And all of his cronies were vyin’
For the number one spot
To give it a shot
And be leader of a country that’s dyin’

Well Bri had his ‘craic agus ceoil’
And I think that was really his goal
He put up a good fight
But he’s just a gob-shite,
A dickhead, a buffoon, an ass-hole.

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  1. I hope you sent that to newspapers around the country and to the man himself?

    And must ask, what is 'craic agus ceoil.’

  2. Thanks guys. Mid30's - 'Craic agus ceoil' is an Irish saying. Craic being fun (not to be confused with 'crack' which is not so much fun) and ceoil being music. Glad you liked it. x

  3. Great minds think alike ....

    When Brian the Coward was topping the poll
    he never imagined the depth of the fall
    But the party is over and with all said and done
    The tiger extinct, the economy, gone
    NOW Brian is ready to give up his seat
    Get out of the kitchen and out of the heat
    To live off his pension, with nothing to fear
    Of a mortgage to pay off or things getting dear
    He hasn't a worry, his life is just grand
    He'll just go on sticking his head in the sand
    The election is nothing to worry about
    For Brian the Coward declared himself out
    Nobody can tell him that he's a disgrace
    He won't even have an election to face
    No voters to tell him how badly he failed
    For Brian has scarpered, the Coward has bailed
    To hell with the country, for HE'll be allright
    just get lost, dear Brian, get out of our sight


  4. Kate only just seen this Ode - it's cracking. Aran especially loves the swearing at the end :)


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