Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One week ago I started the first Listography - which is basically a weekly linky of lists. Last weeks list was My Top 5 Good Things About Having Kids and there were some fabulous entries. Thanks to all that contributed - I loved reading through them all.

This weeks Listography* is 'My Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests'. You can choose anyone - living or historical so have a think, post your list on your own site and then come back and put your details in the linky below so that others can pop over for a look.

So with no further ado here is Kate Takes 5 Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests (in no particular order):

1. Paul Merton. He always makes me laugh. He's so sharp and funny but his mind seems to work on a whole other level to the rest of the world.

2. Johnny Depp. For obvious reasons.

3. Stephen Fry. Who couldn't listen to Mr. Fry for hours on end. I find him facinating on tv so imaging what he'd be like drunk!

4. David Attenborough. Adding a bit of class to an otherwise possibly shambolic party.

5. Bob Marley. So that I could tell him that I named two of my three kids after him and one of his albums. Plus we'd need some music to chill out to after all that chat.

I'd like to point out that yes I do realise that a) there are no great historical figures on the list - they were considered but then rejected in favour of more fun types, and b) there are no girls. That's bad isn't it...?

Ok - your turn.

*This Listography will remain open until the next one is posted - so don't be shy. x


  1. Yay, it's list time again :)

    Going off to give this some thought, am stuck on my number one, would gladly give up the other four if I could have him ;)

  2. Wow, I'm quick off the ball this week...

    I should really put the computer down.

    Great idea for a list x

  3. Emma - glad you finally got past your no.1 - a very valid entry I might add!
    Hannah - great list. I think we are all as shallow as each other this week!

  4. Ooo might have to have a go at this ya know! I see you are the sister of Siobhan from netmums?! Cool! :D

  5. Have written mine now, will publish tomorrow ;-)

  6. Great to see you here Hayley. Yes - my famous big sister putting in a plug for me! In fact I sent her over your details not so long ago. Looking forward to your list. x

  7. I am so glad to find you, thanks to ghostwritermummy. I love your blog and I have just entered mine. Speak soon hopefully :-) xxx

  8. Managed the linky this week! Would you believe me if I told you that my work computer seems to eat it? I pondered over this topic and went for a more serious one. Keep up the good ideas!

  9. Oh Kerry you really must stop making up such excuses...I must say you've made up for it this week though!

  10. In again this week Kate. Hope all is well in your world.

  11. Fantastic idea! Ok no list from me yet on curriculum subject (were you a Robin Williams-style inspirational teacher a la Dead Poets Society in another life?) but I do have one (inadvertently) at the end of my uninspired 'ba humbug' Pesto and Painkillers Post in Dec - List of 'illegal' things grabbed by my devilish duo. Top two are dog worming tablets and a sex aid - you'll have to go to the post to see the rest :-) ps thanks for having me on your blog list when my enthusiasm for my own voice has been waning somewhat! NY post up shortly....

  12. Great idea for a list...made me think very hard!!! xxx

  13. this was hard work - so many possibilities - I had to actually imagine these people sitting round a table and ask myself would I REALLY want to be among them!

  14. A great list! Could I tag along to your dinner party and listen in vast admiration to your very impressive guests (I would be too intimidated to say much to any of them!)???

    Have just, belatedly, posted my list over at Chaos HQ--you are welcome to my dinner party, that is if you like chatting with aliens and cartoons...

    Thanks for the guest list idea Kate, and the listography idea more generally. A lovely blog, keep up the good work.

  15. Love your Listography challenge. Embarrassingly I've managed to create a list involving a stack of incredibly intelligent, witty men. My poor husband.

  16. I love this idea as I'm list-mad, I will try and write a post over the weekend.

    (I'm running a Bloggers Diary if you want to add your link each week.)

  17. OMG I can't believe I got in!! Now if I can link to you in post I'll get the techno savvy award.
    I like your choices of guests and suspect Johnny Depp will be dining out a lot this week.

  18. I'm in too. Fab idea. Nothing wrong with a list in my opinion. Shame I can't really hold my dinner party though. Boo.

  19. absolutely love your blog esp the listography bit! such a good idea. I am a fairly new member of the blogging community.
    JoJo x


  20. I love this! I shall bookmark it and try to make it next time.

    Can I sneak into your dinner party as well? It sounds perfect.

  21. Posting Linky late but I did the post in the right week!!


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