Sunday, January 23, 2011

Listography - Things I Wish I Could Do

Firstly a big thank you to Metal Mummy for babysitting for me last week. Listography loved her time over there and wants to visit again soon.

This week I'm taking 5 'Things I Wish I Could Do'. I'm keeping it reality based myself (so no flying or mind reading for me), but feel free to go with it however you wish.

1. Speak a foreign language fluently.
I once spent 6 months in Mexico and went from being able to say 'Hola' on arrival to easily conversing in Spanish by departure. Although it's true that when I was asking whether someone was going to the local football match that day I was probably saying something along the lines of "And why are the pineapples walking up the mountain?", that didn't deter me. I loved the sense of accomplishment it gave me - though sadly not enough to keep it up once I came home.

2. Play the guitar.
I always fancied myself as a frustrated guitar player and even went so far as taking lessons once. Well, actually it was one lesson and when I couldn't play Stairway to Heaven by the end of it I gave up. Once a quitter always a quitter as some old cow once said. When I later discovered the wonderful Gemma Hayes and learned that she had simply picked up her flatmates electric guitar whilst in college one day and never looked back I felt levels of envy that were probably illegal. It didn't help that she then wrote an album, got nominated for a Mercury Music Award and is completely gorgeous. Bitch.

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3. Run a marathon.
Ha ha ha. Did I just write that? The fact that my laughing has left me breathless and a little sweaty doesn't give me much encouragement. Lets just change that to 'Run for an Hour', I'd be pretty happy with that. (Do you see now why all my teachers wrote "could do better" on my report card?)

4. Write a book.
Predictable but true. It's just an epic accomplishment as far as I'm concerned. Never dis an author I say. Their book may be crap but at least they sat there, wrote it and then somehow managed to get it published. I expect the same cordiality from you if I ever do manage it.

5. Juggle.
No not in the metaphorical job \ children \ husband \ me sense. Just the literal balls in the air thing. A fairly insignificant act you may think but have you ever tried to master it? I once learned fire twirling, but juggling...? Not a chance.

So that's 'Kate Takes 5 Things She Wishes She Could Do'  Now what are yours? Just write your post on your own site than come back and fill in your details in the linky below. See you soon.


  1. I love your list Kate. I would love to have any sort of musical ability also. As foe the marathon... I would die at present, I think, after about 5km!

    I hope I haven't mucked up the link this time.

    Take care.

  2. Am in complete agreement with your list and have even copied one of your choices. Have written my contribution whilst at work, and as previously discovered my work computer has taken offence to your linky linky thing so I can't add my details though...!

  3. I could never stick with guitar and now it is sitting just an arms reach away largely ignored apart from my wee man picking it up of it's stand every so often. Might be that it seems so alien to me after years of playing woodwind instruments.

    I can't juggle but I can poi, at least I'm a beginner who needs more practice. I made a set out of some very very large pom poms I made which helped by turning slower and it would hurt when I smacked myself on the head. Maybe pom poms would be good for juggling too.

    Great list and thank you.

  4. I was still working on mine but pressed "publish" before "save." I couldn't work out how to remove it without deleting the lot.

    Anyway it's up but I don't know how complete it is. Will come back to it later so it might be completely changed then! Ah well.

  5. Superb list.

    This is one to really get us thinking and maybe pick up something we didn't complete. Must keep checking my list for motivation.

    Heather x

  6. OK I think I'm finished now! It's similar to yours kate!

    My tea went up my nose when I read "And why are the pineapples going up the mountain?"

  7. Loved doing this list and joining in for the first time! x

  8. Will get mine done tomorrow, seeing as it's 5:30, freyja's not been fed and I have to go to work in an hour... xx

  9. All these great lists means it's beans on toast for the kids tea again...Ah well keep 'em coming.

  10. What a great list. I have linked mine

  11. another great list - I love doing these x
    QWERTY Mum

  12. Juggling is actually impossible once a third ball/orange/burning ring of doom is added to the mix. You just don't have enough hands....

    Fab list! x

  13. I need way more than 5 lol. Morphing into an animal would be long as its not a mouse in a wood at night, surrounded by owls

  14. Kate am glad it's not just mine living on beans and toast.

  15. Love your list and Glad I found your blog (Via Blissful Rainbow. Thanks for the compliment on my blog design :-) Really nice of you to say.

  16. I'm not a bad juggler, I went to circus classes for a bit when I was a teenager :) I'd also love to write a book but I have no idea what I'd write about.....maybe it'll come to me in the bath or on a bus or somewhere completely mundane! Great list and I love joining in x

  17. finally got around to adding mine...think I've revealed too much of myself as per normal! Am with you on the marathon and book writing wishes

    Lexie x

  18. Fire twirling???? How fabulous! I must add that to my own (very tardy) list of things I wish I could do...

  19. A bit late but got round to adding my first list, thanks for the inspiration

  20. Love your list! I too want to run a marathon. I just about managed to do a 10K when I severely injured myself. To write a book... aaahh.. I dare to dream. I found number 1 the most interesting though as I tend to hear that a lot in the UK. I speak 4 and it has got me nowhere! Go figure! By the way, I changed my web address to: Watch out for the number '9' in there! Looking forward to the next Listopgraphy! xoxo


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