Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Life in Lists

Well my little blog holiday is over. I mean really, how could I stay away from you guys any longer? Mwah - I missed you all dahlings.

So what have I been doing with my time? Well compiling the usual Christmas present list, writing my Christmas to-do lists (and sometimes actually doing them), watching too many top 10 Christmas Anthems, running through my best moments of 2010 - see a theme here anyone? Yep - my name is Kate and I'm a list addict.

Now we all know some lists are more interesting than others. When I was a teenager is was all Top 5 Boys I'd like to kiss, then it moved onto Top 5 Universities I'd like to go to, Top 5 Countries I want to visit, Top 5 jobs I'd like to have, Top 5 baby names...Now it's likely to be a list of things I'll buy when I win the lottery, or which movie star I'm going to elope with (Johnny Depp since you ask). Well there's nothing wrong with a bit of escapism is there?

So here's the deal. I am going to embrace my chronic listism and post a weekly invitation to all of you to take part. In homage to the wonderful (but time sapping) and in keeping with my blog name - I would like to introduce you to (drum roll please) Kate Takes 5's Weekly Top 5 Listography.

Look! I even made my own button! (Feel free to take it for your own blog - the code's in the side bar over there ----------------->)

Every week I'll post a topic and all you need to do is jump aboard and write your own Top 5 list on that subject on your own blog, then just add your blog on the linky below, and if you have time visit some of the other lovely entries. You might be surprised by what you find. You can tell a lot from a list you know - take it from an addict that knows.

So first up on my very first Listography is -

My Top 5 Good Things About Having Kids (because sometimes it's easy to forget):

1. You get to experience the magic of Christmas all over again.
2. For about 5 straight years you are considered a superhero that can do no wrong.
3. You can watch them sleeping.
4. You get to give and receive unconditional love.
5. You can blame them for the state of your house, the state of yourself, the state of your relationship, the state of your finances, and anything else you care to add.

So that's it. Now get listing.


  1. How exciting and what a good idea! Yippee I'm first, probably because I'm back at work and therefore the only mum in blogland with spare time to use the interweb at this time of the day!
    (can't see what llinky thing I should be using so am just using comments instead....)

  2. Kerry - thanks for joining. I've added your blog link in adn am off to visit now!

  3. Fabulous idea. I'll get my list done shortly

    (I am a list freak too)

    Is it sad that I'm getting excited about your new listy thing?


  4. Yay Hanzor you're in the club, am off to visit you now (and yes it is a little bit sad - but you're in good company. x)

  5. oooh love lists and am much more excited than I should be about this, will do it asap - Great timing too as I was just trying to think of something to blog about!

  6. Emma I've just seen your answer to the random question on your profile - hilarious - go to the top of the class! (I'll be waiting for your masterpiece of an entry with baited breath...)

  7. I love lists too. There is something about imposing order on disorder involved in making a list.

  8. ooh so much pressure, I actually laid in bed last night thinking about it! I kept changing my mind about the top 5 things...... oh dear I think I might need therapy!

  9. A Farmers Wife - I LOVE YOUR LIST!

  10. Emma - relax, no pressure at all(Well maybe just a little...)

  11. This is a great idea. I live in a world of lists, not mine, but my husband's. He loves nothing more than a good list. Well hopefully he loves the kids and I more.

    I'm still sick (feeling very sorry for myself here) so brain not in gear yet but will have a think.

  12. Great idea Kate! It's really cheered me up this week that theme. Px

  13. You're a genius! What a great idea. If I can figure out the linky thing, I am on it.

  14. Kate just FYI have decided I won't take part in this one. A good friend reads my blog and she's just started IVF so is not a good idea at the moment. But I look forward to supporting this great idea soon!!

  15. What a fantastic idea. I look forward to contributing weekly :)

  16. Penny - thanks for joining and your promotion of Listography!
    Wendy - great list - see you next week!
    Paula - love your list and your blog - glad to have discovered it.
    Mid30s and Carrie - I'll let you off this one...

  17. What a great idea! Will be joining in each week!

  18. Couldn't figure out the linky biz, but it's a great idea and a great list, I love focusing on the positive too!

  19. I'm just doing my first post of the year which won't be up until tomorrow. I'm very out of the blog mindset - listography great idea - it'll cure my block :-) just love your blog. Every post is different. Looking forward to writing my lists.

  20. I have been thinking of this all week and have decided i needed to write my list. Thanks for the inspiration xxx

  21. Ghostwriter, Missbehaving, zookeeper, walkingwithangels - so glad to have you all on board. Great to visit all your lists! x


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