Monday, November 8, 2010

Pardon my french

Now I'm not one to needlessly employ the use of profanities in my everyday life (ahem), but there are times when only the F word will do. And this is one of them. Because Ladies and Gentlemen, Ireland is well and truly fucked.
Wherever you turn, whatever you read - someone is always talking about 'the recession', 'the credit crunch', 'the global downturn', what they really mean is that we are well and truly fucked.
Of course I'm well aware that the rest of the world is suffering too, but at least other countries have the hope of recovery on the horizons. Pretty much whatever country you live in, as long as it's not Ireland, you can take heart from the fact that there's someone worse off than you. And it's us. The Irish. We are up shits creak without even a boat - let alone the proverbial paddle.
Opinions differ on how we ended up this way, but the general consensus is that the politicians were at best total fools and at worst totally corrupt, and the bankers and developers were at best just greedy and at worst totally corrupt. Unfortunately the more I read that more I think that the latter is most probably true.
So whilst those who are to blame slink off to foreign climes to reinvent themselves with their fat pay offs, the rest of us are left to bare the brunt of their errors - put up and shut up.  And there's nothing like complete injustice to get a nation upset.
France, Greece and Iceland have had similar issues and the people have risen up fighting (literally in the case of Greece). So whilst they organise student protests and national rallies against their governments what have the Irish done? Well firstly someone anonymously hung a picture of a naked Brian Cowan in a major Dublin art gallery.....and he ain't too pretty fully clothed:

.....and secondly we started a campaign to show the politicians just how pissed off we are with what they have done to our poor country.  Brace yourselves. The people of Ireland have been urged to take photos of themselves looking really cross, not just cross mind, really cross. and then send them into the Minister for Finance so he can see for himself what the nation thinks of him and his cronies.

I'm honestly not sure whether I'm proud or ashamed of that.
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