Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Gallery

This is my first ever Gallery.
I keep meaning to do it then always remember too late, but this one is so simple even I managed to get it together. (Well yes I am a day late actually but who's counting...?)
For friends who don't know, The Gallery is a weekly event run by Sticky Fingers where a prompt is given and you submit a relevent photo. This week is 'Black & White'. Now I know this isn't an amazing picture, but it's one that I love. It was taken five years ago at Christmas. I had just discovered I was pregnant with no. 2 and had to tell everyone early because, well lets face it - why else would I not be drinking at Christmas? So here I am - with a rather smug look on my face looking one way, and my baby girl sitting on my lap looking the other way. Neither of us with a clue as to what was in store.


  1. Love the idea of this, I'm off to check out StickyFingers, thanks. BTW, loved the Gallery pic of you and your little one, next to you and your mum in the woods. It was really evocative and made me think of some of the lovely pictures I treasure with my mum and me. x mama-andmore

  2. Not drinking at Christmas would be tough to explain! You both look great, I love black and white photos. I should do that more...

  3. A beautiful picture of both of you. You look so wistful.


  4. That's brilliant, lovely to hear the story behind it. It really has captured a big change unfolding, how lovely to have that in a photo.

  5. I remember that feeling of being the only one in the world to know I'm pregnant - it was magical!


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