Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Favourite

So Friday has rolled around again which means it's time for my Favourite New Blog again. This week I keep on happening upon blogs which I thought I had been following but wasn't. You know when there are names you are so familiar with and sites you dip into all the time that you just presume you have been following them all along? Well this weeks FF is one of those and it's Kerry on Living.

What do I like about this site? I like the design. I like her writing. I like the attractive simplicity. I like her hilarious and familiar description of her son on the tab 'Kerry boy'. And I love her inspired 6 word reviews in 'Kerry on...reading'.

Kerry's blog is well worth a good look so pop over and don't forget to follow (she deserves a bit of a bump up in numbers!).


  1. Aw, thanks! First you give great follower gadgety-thing advice, and now this... *gives shy hug, and bashful happy smile* Thank you for your kind words Kate.
    All new visitors very welcome. Take off your shoes and make yourselves comfortable x

  2. Funny, I found your blog through Kerry's! You are right, her blog is fantastic! So is your's! I signed up to follow, straight away. Also, I'm half Irish, my grandparents are from Limerick. I'm biased then!

  3. You're right. I love her 6 word reviews especially. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I love Kerry's 6 word reviews too.. makes me giggle. Kate, have you tried Quavers for Breakfast? My current fave blog... Or maybe I found it through your Friday Faves (sorry can't remember, it's a Sunday and therefore my brain is out to lunch)

  5. Thanks for the tip, love Kerry's blog. I fact I've just awarded you both with the 'Stylish Blogger award'. Come by and pick it up sometime :)


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