Sunday, November 21, 2010

eBay Mummy Challenge

Now I realise that none of you are going to be quite as excited as I am by this - but I have just been given £250 by for my Christmas Shopping! Hooray!
Did they know I had given up work, moved house, and in the process become rather poor this year? Did they know that our kids were all set to be getting  a tangerine, a walnut and half a curly wurly in their Santa sacks on Christmas Eve? Did they know that I LOVE eBay but have been too frightened to register my new credit card details with them since my last one spontaneously exploded from too much use? (And no - unfortunately the money owed on it didn't go up in smoke too).
I do not have the answers to those questions, but I do know this - from tomorrow I will be participating in 3 weeks worth of guilt free Christmas shopping for my fabulous family and friends who have helped us out so much over the past year.
But wait - there's more! eBay have set up a Facebook App called eBay Mummy Blogger where you can come and vote for your favourite contestant (that would be me), and help us all spend some of that dosh. And if you're really good you might even be rewarded for your efforts...
So please click on the Mummy Blogger eBay picture to the right of this post and join in the fun!


  1. Kate that is awesome! I am going to go vote for you!

  2. Just voted for you! I used my real name too.... oooh a frisson of excitement there.

  3. congrats! Love this blog! Glad I found it, I just had to start following once I read your "about me" section! :)


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