Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The eyes have it (or how to embarrass your husband...)

Last week I had an article published in the Irish Independent newspaper.  I was pretty pleased with myself and sent it on to my husband along with a few friends commenting that it was worth a look just for the ridiculous photo:

'They've doctored my eyes!!' Despairing Dad wrote back.
What followed has kept me amused ever since. In deed, next time we have an argument I am going to re-conjure these images so that the sound of my maniacal laughing drives him from the room.

So, here's the first email response I got, titled 'Seperated at Birth?':

Oh how we laughed (and when I say we I mean I).

And here's the next, 'Seperated at Birth too?':

I'm not sure which I like more.

Feel free to join in. I may get them all printed off and use them as wallpaper beside the naughty step. Now that'll definitely scare the kids into behaving.


  1. Sorry to your dear hubby Kate but i am "cracking" up here and my boys are coming out the rooms to see why,lol!!!!
    Enjoyed your article..mind you giving away secrets best left unheard,lol!
    Still giggling!!!!!

  2. Brilliant! That is one seriously shocked husband.

    Article is spot on. We don't have a car any more, and I really miss the boot for stashing secret purchases.

  3. I use all of those excuses all the time, but I do so not because Chris minds, but because he takes it as an excuse to go out and spend the exact same amount on himself, which frankly, we simply can't afford!

    Check out: http://tresgatos.net/visualkaos/2007/10/10/bug-eyes/

  4. Both the piece and these pics are great. maybe they were separated at birth, stranger things have happened.....

  5. Enjoyed your Irish Independent article. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Sometimes Photoshop's not just about slimming down your thighs is it?!!

  7. congratulations on the article! I have SO done the smuggling thing!!

  8. See the Missing Twin in very impressive company HERE.
    Enjoyed your article! (I got here via the Fridge Soup blog. Hmmm . . . hope I can get back . . . )

  9. Doctor FTSE - thanks for that. If only my husband resembled one of the other fine specimens on the list...


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